Caleb’s Corner: Dealing with the many trolls on the Internet


This was the only photo I could find without some kind of copyright. I think it's appropriate.

I know it’s a creepy photo, but it was the only one I could find without restrictive copyright. Still I find it appropriate given the subject of my column this week.

Caleb’s Corner is my weekly column for the Rexburg newspaper. This week I’m dealing with “internet trolls” (refer to the photo at the top of the post). Seriously, I getting tired of internet trolls. They suck the fun out of any discussion. Infesting nearly every internet dicussion board, I vent my frustration suggest a possible solution. What’s a funny or ridiculous moments you’ve had with internet trolls. Please share in the comments below. And please click the link to my column. Hope you enjoy it!

Dealing with the many trolls on the Internet – Standard Journal: Opinion.


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