What my mother’s marriage to my “non-member” dad taught me


Interfaith marriages or marriages where one believes in God and one does can be hard. But that’s doesn’t mean it’s bad idea. People can be good to each other regardless of differences. What an incredible story! I’m quite impressed. Lindsey Johnson is quite the blogger.

How Vast Is Our Purpose

FullSizeRender (1) My mom and dad on their wedding day, April 11, 1992.

Until I was about seven years old, my dad was a “non-member,” meaning that he was not a baptized member of the LDS Church.

This might not sound like too big of a deal to those of you who are not LDS, but for those of you who are, you can imagine the gossip and harsh words that were spoken about my mother’s choice both when she was engaged and when she was married.

It was a difficult choice for her. She grew up in the Church, being taught that a temple marriage was the only way to go and that she should never settle for anything less.

But, if the right person is not a member of the Church, things can change.

I never really thought about the strength necessary to be in my mother’s shoes, until recently when…

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