In the News: Rexburg booting company owner acquitted


Booting has been a major issue in the City of Rexburg for a long time.

This was my very first jury trial as a crime reporter. Actually it was the very jury trial I’ve ever sat in on period. Everything was fascinating from jury selection to the trial itself. The issue itself, booting, is one I think people in the City of Rexburg have blown out of proportion. Well, in this case it was a student who blew things out of proportion. I couldn’t understand why he didn’t just pay the ticket. Some I think student like to play the “predatory booting card just to avoid paying fines that deserve. That said both attorneys made excellent points. This jury could’ve ruled both ways. It really was an interesting trial that I wish I could’ve covered more thoroughly in my article. Sometimes you just run out of time.

REXBURG — After hearing attorney arguments, testimony of witnesses and nearly an hour of deliberation, the owner of a booting company accused of obstructing an officer was acquitted by a local jury Thursday.

via Booting company owner acquitted: Jury deliberates an hour following trial, Darren Helm found not guilty – Standard Journal: News.